Simple Hiding and Finding Game

Starting off showcasing some brilliant activities with the simplest one yet! This one is perfect for young children, especially those just getting introduced to learning colours, shapes and first words. This activity is great for children, like my own, who prefer to be hands on in their learning; doing things rather than seeing things. 

The game is very simple; hide the learning cards underneath some sensory material, such as coloured rice, and ask your children to find a certain one. I.e, hide the colour cards and ask them to find green. They’ll search through the rice, finding cards as they go, looking for a specific one. It engages there brain as they see the colours, figuring out which is the right one. 

What’s so great about this activity, is that it’s so easy to change it up. Use a different sensory material, or swap the cards to shapes, numbers, letters or dinosaurs. You can make it themed, by using green shredded paper to hide the dinosaurs in the grass, or use water beads (on laminated cards only!) to make it more of a messy play experience. You can even use a wall print, such as feelings, and ask them to find 'sad’ or '‘happy’ instead. 

What you’ll need:

- a play tray, baking tray, play table etc

- coloured rice, or other sensory material to hide cards underneath

- learning cards or print of your choice! 

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