Our Story

I’m Sophie, a mum of two and owner of Little Radish Education

It all started when I was drawing with my son on our living room floor, I drew him a radish, and he thought it was a strawberry. So I drew more vegetables for him. Little Radish Education grew from there as I continued to draw and create cards and prints that could aid our learning.

We are a home educating family located in the North East of England, and have a passion for following our children’s interests when it comes to their learning. A lot of what I create stems from that as I look to help their education journey.

We now offer our resources globally in the form of digital downloads, making them easily accessible and affordable by all, in the hope to benefit as many people as we can. Our items have been used in schools and childcare settings, mental health services, women’s refuges, in homes and in nature, for children of all ages, those with additional needs and the elderly, in the UK, to the USA and as far as Indonesia. We are so proud to have helped so many.

Please feel free to follow along with us social media, I often share learning opportunities alongside our cards and little snippets of our life as an early years home educating family. (Instagram - @littleradish.education).
You can also join our  Facebook group where we share activity and learning ideas here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/472843287659358/?ref=share